Crius is a next-gen digital transformation technology platform and solutions provider enabling digital experience and artificial intelligence across several touch points.

We are a one-stop transformation shop for Strategy, Execution, Platforms, Solutions, Products, Consulting, Services and beyond.

Explore our free & premium Stratos Platform and services for your needs – either point solutions or a full-blown digital overhaul. Yes, they are absolutely free, no riders!

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Crius is a one-stop transformation shop for Strategy, Execution, Platforms, Solutions, Products, Consulting, Services and beyond

Our Stack



The Digital Transformation Platform




Comprehensive Analytics and Visualization Platform




Authoring & Enterprise Systems User Experience Integrations




Compliance Engine for Product Eco-Design adhering to Global Regulations




The Rapid Natural Application Development Platform




Extract Transform and Load (ETL) based Data Migrator

Crius - The Digital Transformation Company

Services We Do

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM Implementation – Strategic, Rapid & Cost Effective. Sounds like Antonyms? Not Really.

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Digital Engineering

Concept to Manufacturing Automation Services.


Test Automation

Raise-To-100% Automation for enterprise/custom applications.

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Mobility Consulting, applications, transformation & beyond.


Internet Of Things (IoT)

Your journey with 'Things' made simple and robust

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What are the products/platforms being offered by Crius?
The following products are currently being offered for free under the Stratos platform:
  • Mateos® - User Experience Integrators for Authoring and Enterprise Systems.
  • Helios - Light-Weight, Rapid Natural Application Development Platform.
  • Albatross - Data Migration Platform based on ETL.
  • Falcon –  Data analytics, Visualization & deep learning modules.
  • Ozone - Product Compliance Engine.
Why are the products free, where is the catch?
  • Stratos platform and its modules are being promoted and totally free until 2020 and there are no riders. It is neither a trial version nor contains any relevant feature restrictions in usage. Crius, if engaged, charges only the implementation services (installation, commissioning, training, support, consulting, extension and custom development).
How is Crius able to manage the financials?
  • We are able to maintain the platform and its development by only charging services for consultation, implementation, support and other related services. By reducing marketing and sales costs, we are able to offer the platform for free.
Does Crius provide consulting on requirements analysis, design and development?
  • Yes, that’s a part of our portfolio. We consult, train, install and commission, customize, extend and support the systems. Please contact Crius support for details.
What are the technologies used?
  • The products are built with technologies millions of people use.It is covered in the individual products page.
What implementation savings can we anticipate?
  • Implementation benefits are covered in individual product pages.
If we onboard the platform, how much are we stuck with Crius?
  • You download, try, test, feel comfortable and build your own systems . We just provide the platform and products, handing out the levers in shaping the results of your digital transformation initiative in your own hands. You engage our specialists and creators, if you need help.

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