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About Us

We are a group of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 technology specialists. We have been part of several transformation initiatives. On the ground, we have seen implementations that were marathon, risky, inflexible, expensive, overshot with ROI just being a fancy term, derailing the ‘true’ goal of transformation.
We wanted to change this. So, a few years ago, we set out to build a company that focused solely on defining and designing great user experiences in the Digital arena. We challenged the conventional formula and created new platforms, products and solutions that are being offered under our affordable digital transformation suite - Stratos.

About Us

Stratos helps build the fundamental IT blocks of transformation for an organization and positively catalyze your transformation initiatives. It comprises of products to build enterprise-grade rapid apps, integrate systems, analyze data, migrate data, and comply with product regulations.
We believe the transformation journey’s DNA is majorly inside-out than outside-in. We realize the challenges and hence enable our clients to START RIGHT or COURSE CORRECT by:

  • Vendor Independence: You can build your own systems at your own pace, supported by technology millions of people use. Engage us only when you need consultation, recommendation or technical help.
  • Tailoring Flexibility: Enabling system changes that adheres to your processes not the other way around.

We Are Known For

  • Stratos, our digital transformation platform

    You download, try, test, feel comfortable and build your own systems . Providing products and levers in shaping the results of your digital transformation initiative is in your own hands. You engage our specialists and creators, if necessary.

  • Product Quality

    We have proved that affordable and quality are not inversely proportional. Our products outsmart the best premium commercial softwares in their segment. No exaggeration here. They are documented and extendable too. Yes, we mean it, check them out here.

  • Partnering on every piece of your business

    At Crius, our clients work with the people who actually pitch the business - Partners included. We believe it fosters trust and confidence in products that you have already tested and want to embark upon, and helps ensure we only pitch the business we want.

  • Agile, creative, specialists team

    We don’t propose large teams of 10 where you have no clue what 7 of them do. Crius and its products were built by creative transformation specialists working for creative clients. That’s why 90% of our consultants have a creative background building on cutting-edge transformation products in Stratos. This translates into a more effective use of your budget.

  • Having direct access

    No more “broken telephone” or account managers promising things that can’t be delivered. Unlike traditional companies, we want our clients to have direct access to the people who are actually doing the work.

  • Focusing on experience

    We believe that building IT around your digital roadmap and defining functional User Experiences are different and that you can’t be great at both.
    You know your business the best, hence, to start off right, we offer products that you can tailor it by yourself and engage us only when our technical expertise is needed.
    We’ve developed us to be very good at leveraging the capabilities of our experts to provide a best-in-breed approach and to ensure ROI is not just a fancy term.
    We mixed regimented and predictive project management philosophies like PMP and large requirements driven projects with agile and rapid development.
    We want you to get digitally transformed as quick and effectively as possible, thereby enabling us to grow as well.

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