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An Unavoidable Pain

Data Migration is challenging and exasperating. It is not uncommon for migration projects to throw plans out of gear. However it is inevitable for constantly changing organizations to migrate data irrespective of its complexities, risks and costs involved. Companies aspire a business-as-usual pain-free data migration strategy and execution.

Migration – Top Drivers

Typical needs for migration in Organizations

Need for Migrations could result from various causes in an organization, It can be due to application modernization, mergers and acquisition, implementing a new software or integration of two systems, migration to cloud or regulatory mandates. No matter what the reason is an effective strategy and proven platform becomes imperative in the whole journey.

Migration Top Drivers

Data Migration – Typical Challenges & Pitfalls

Failure to follow Migration Best Practices & Use Standard Tools

Skipping Data Discovery & Due Diligence

  • Incomplete Data profiling of the source and target systems

Improper Audit, Validation & Data Quality Check

  • Missing Volume reconciliation, Pre & Post Extraction / Transformation & Load sampling

Underestimating Connectivity & Data Adapters

  • Lack of adequate Source and Target System adapters API compilations for extraction/loading
Data Migration

Inadequate Tools

  • Missing error / recover modules, file & data transforming handlers, flexible mappers, loggers and more

Lack of Cutover & Legacy Retirement Strategies

  • Missing legacy Retirement / Integration and system cutover planning.

Lack of Collaboration

  • Between Data Stewards, developers, business users, quality engineers
Albatross - A free ETL Data Migration Platform
A Extract Transform Load (ETL) based migration platform for Business critical & Large Migrations, Done Right, On Time.
Albatross Loader

Albatross Brochure Download

Albatross can extract, transform, validate and load data from most IT systems, artifacts, processes and stands strong with several man years of migration experience as its foundation.
Albatross provides modules that help reduce typical technical pitfalls in a migration project. A few of them include validation/resumption at each step of the migration de-risking the whole engagement. Flexible adapter framework that can extract or load data from simple files to complex databases or online feeds. A robust and blazingly fast File transfer module with pause - resume - restart capabilities.
Data transformation module that allows simple to complex mapping configurations thereby eliminating complex programming. Loading Parallelization that enables multifold reduction in the time taken for data loading. Coupled with migration best practices on the execution methodology, Albatross helps achieve successful migration time and again.

Albatross GIDX Payload Structure

Albatross GIDX

General Integration Data eXchange (GIDX)

General Integration Data eXchange (GIDX) is the platform’s neutral payload format that can transfer custom data over-the-wire for an effective data exchange between systems. The payload backbone handles custom data types, attributes, relations, relation attributes, files and formats, transformations and character encoding definitions.


Albatross Architecture

Albatross Migrator Modules

  • Albatross - Data Extractor

    Data Extractor

    • Adapter Connections

    • System Folders

    • File Servers

    • Databases

    • Social Feed

    • File Formats

    • Volume and Extraction Logs
  • Albatross - Pre-Migrate Validator

    Pre-Migrate Validator

    • Validation Algorithms
    • Post to Falcon Analytics Server
    • Load Analytics Report
      • File Missing
      • Missing Reference
      • Older Version
      • Data Type Mismatch
      • Format Check
      • Special Character
      • Duplicates
      • Missing Attributes
  • Albatross - xCAD Transformer

    xCAD Transformer

    • Validation Choices

    • Apply Transformation

    • Generate Transformed Data

    • Transformation Logs

  • Albatross - Post-Transform Validator

    Post-Transform Validator

    • Validation Algorithms
    • Post to Falcon Analytics Server
    • Load Analytics Report
      • Re-referencing
      • Correlated Reference
      • Latest Version
      • Data Type Mapped
      • Format Check
      • Special Characters
      • Duplicates Removed
      • Missing Attributes
  • Albatross - Meta-Data Transformer

    Meta-Data Transformer

    • Data Mapper Configuration

    • Transformation Rules Sync

    • Destination Format/Size Validation

      • Plain/Value

      • Inclusion/Exclusion

      • Merge/Split

      • Enrich

      • Custom Program

      • Filters

  • Albatross - Loader Configurator

    Loader Configurator

    • Stage Load Settings
    • Error – Restart Config
    • Parallel loading Config
    • Loading Log Settings
    • Destination Adapter Connection Settings
  • Albatross - Loader


    • Stage & Run Load

    • Parallel Execution

    • Loader Logs

    • Error & Restart Load

How do we typically Plan and Execute Migration?

Migration Plan

Illustrative Case Studies

Migration engagements is specific to any customer, environment and dataset? How does Albatross handle these variations?
Albatross platform provides the core modules that are typically needed in a migration project. It includes standard templates for data extraction, interface adapters, error handling and resumption, data transformation module to fit the destination system, standard loading templates for objects/relations/files, loader configuration settings, loader adapters, logging and notification core, file transfer modules and more. These form a bulk of any migration engagement. The variations on the source and destination systems are handled by the adapter functions that is implemented during the migration project.
What makes Albatross so advanced?
The extraction, validation, transformation and load modules are connected by simple and specific data formats. These modules can be used as a standalone or can be skipped based on the needs of the project. This allows validation/resumption at each step of the project de-risking the whole engagement. Flexible adapters can connect for data extraction from simple files to complex databases or online feeds. File transfer module is robust and blazingly fast with pause/resume/restart capabilities. Data transformation module allows simple mapping configurations thereby eliminating complex programming. With Parallelization, data loading is reduced multifold.
How will Albatross help in my migration implementation?
The platform is a by-product of years of migration experience. Most of the technical migration project pitfalls have been addressed in the platform. Crius has been able to de-risk migration projects that are typically complex with Albatross. Flexible adapter plug in framework, File Transfer Module, staging modules, data transformation engine, parallelization and other features prevents typical migration technical failures.
Does Crius have an implementation methodology?
We follow a iterative V model for migration sampling and testing the system de-risking at the earlier stages of the engagement itself.

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