ColdBot™ IoT - ColdChain Monitoring System

  • Challenge

    Maintaining the Temperature compliance in entire coldchain is a major challenge. Arresting Breakdowns of Ref units due to human error is totally impossible.

  • Solution

    ColdBot ColdChain monitoring system will monitor temperature, humidity, door moments, occupancy, compressor vibration, Gas and energy in real time. Customers will get alerts to identify and fix the temperature loophole.

  • Benefits

    - Automated and real-time parameters tracking with custom alert & notifications given specific conditions.
    - Huge Savings courtesy to ontime alerts on breakdown.
    - Audited, clear and data-driven responsibility allocation on product condition among distribution services providers.
    - Predictive and preventive maintenance of assets preventing costly failures.


ColdBot™ Devices, Sensors & Gateways

Wireless Temperature Sensor

Sensor Range: -50 0C to +125 0C
Channel Frequency: 865-867 MHz
Tx Power: +13 dBm

Wireless Temperature & Humidity Tag

Sensor Range: -25 0C to +60 0C
0% RH to 100% RH
Channel Frequency: 865-867 MHz
Tx Power: +13 dBm
Battery: CR2032 x 2

Wireless Gateway

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Channel Frequency: 865-867 MH
Tx Power: +13 dBm

A ColdChain Monitoring Chain

  • 01. Data Ingestion

    Sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Door Status, Location & Vibration) collects data from the Cold Rooms & Refrigerated Trucks

  • 02. Data Transmission

    Data is transmitted to the cloud via Gateways (Wifi or Cellular). Data Security is ensured with MQTT, HTTPS, LoRa, NB-IoT, Sig Fox, Rest protocols

    03. Data Transmission

    Once data is transferred to the cloud, the Pragmatos IoT Server processes the data based on the pre-defined user configurations.
    It allows you to easily visualize, monitor / manage your data and devices, making remote monitoring of facilities / assets condition, their usage, resources consumption a reality.
    End-Users are notified of Asset conditions with Alarms / Notifications (SMS, eMails, System Alerts & Telegram)
    Analysis / algorithms are executed on the historical data for critical business insights, asset audits & predict possible future asset failures

Fleet Monitoring System

Fleet Management

Assets Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

ColdBot™ Wireless Mesh and Architecture

Sensor Nodes - Collects the telemetry data and transfers through various communication protocols like BLE, Radio signal etc

Full Functional Device (FFD) - This device acts as a Personal Area Network (PAN) Coordinator (Master) or Coordinator

ColdBot™ Asset Tracking Mesh and Architecture

ColdBot™ Data Management Platform

It provides everything you need to build your Cold Chain infrastructure and Assets / Device Management. This Low-Code IoT Platform has a wide range of features from Device Agnostic, IoT Network ( WiFi, Cellular, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT and more ), On-Premise / Cloud Storage, Rules Engine, Alerts, OTA, Commands, Data Analytics, and Visualization.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking & Control

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Order Fulfilment

Order Fulfilment

Assets Remote Monitoring

Smart Metering

Smart Metering

Data Management Platform - Visualization

Dashboards | Cold Storage 3d Digital Twins | eMail | Telegram Alerts | Notifications | Data Drill-Down | Historian and more…

Time to get rid of your data loggers…


Powered by Pragmatos - Our Industry 4.0 IoT Stack - With Visual Intelligence & X Reality

pragmatos industry 4.0 IOT solution

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Use the Stratos Digital Blocks to connect, modernize & migrate existing systems & data

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The Rapid Application Development (Low Code) Platform.

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The Contemporary Digital Transformation Suite

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Solution implementation plan, methodology, plan & key phases

Consulting & Planning

Due-Diligence & IoT solution requirements plan

  • Address in-line with your unique business objectives
  • Identify specific challenges
  • Define functionalities and benefits
  • Source System data acquisition study

IoT solution requirements plan

  • Based on stakeholder's functional, legal, regulatory, environmental and other needs.

Choosing an optimal technology stack

  • Efficient and cost-effective based on reliable technology

Create an IoT solution roadmap

  • Define desired deliverables
  • Stage-wise structured visual representation of the planned steps
  • Study & incorporate existing systems, end-users
Design and Architecture

Defining an IoT architecture

  • Design a flexible and scalable IoT architecture based on your growth plans
  • Define compatibility & communication protocols
  • Define failure modes and disaster recovery

Formulate an IoT security strategy

  • Information security to prevent data misuse at all stages: device security, data security, operational technology security and others
  • Relevant standards and regulations (like ISA99/IEC 62443 in manufacturing, HIPAA in healthcare and others)

Implementing the Proof of Concept

  • Pre-rollout validation across the enterprise

Hardware Installations

  • Commissioning
  • Connect & Collect
  • End-To-End Connectivity tests
  • Outliers, Firmware Updates & tracker screens

System Build

  • Configuration mapping & system customization
  • Asset hierarchy, Alarms & Notification configurations
  • Dashboards, Analytics and Reports configuration and customization
  • Validation, load and reliability tests
  • Issues/ additional custom rules validation
System Live and Support

Systems Live & Support

  • Review & Finalize Production readiness
  • Configure system, data & tools
  • Migrate to production instance
  • Data Validation & Acceptance
  • Continuous monitoring & improvement
  • Refine configuration & additional Customization
  • Updated Analytics – Dynamic & Static