A Free, Light-Weight, Rapid Application Development Platform

A Light-Weight, Rapid Application Development (Low Code) Platform

  • With Helios, Develop, deliver and deploy contemporary enterprise-grade applications in just a few weeks and not months.

  • Many large organizations are challenged with digitizing manual processes or rehashing their aging technology stacks / inefficient architectures into modern, flexible digital platforms.

    In this journey, business consultants are using Helios platform to build their own applications with practically no coding.

  • The auto-generating screens with inset validations and configurable OOTB UI, renders the application with highest quality that need practically no testing and substantial savings in time and cost.

    Contrast this with the huge overheads faced with traditional software development. Even complex use cases are addressed with minimal code.

1. Model
Create your business definitions, relate them and assign processes. Your APPLICATION CORE DESIGN is ready now!
2. Execute
Run drag-drop configurations through a few guided steps with a WYSWYG Auto-UI creation modeler to decide on how you want your application to look.
3. Ready-To-Go
That is all ! Your application is Live for deployment. You have thus built a modern web application ready for the connected world.

Auto Generating System:

Helios, auto-triggers User Interface generation with inset validations upon the defined business entities and processes.

Subsequently, you are presented with a WYSIWYG Drag and Drop UI with a high degree of flexibility to tailor the system to your needs.

Business Analysts using Helios craft complex business functions with just configurations and no coding.

Further complex customization can be achieved with minimal coding efforts.

See it in action! The video on the right details in building portions of a Quality Management System.

Build your own Applications quick

Helios Downloads:

Helios 1.5 Install Guide

Live Application

Live Application:

Helios reflects changes and updates to the system’s User Experience in real-time. This enables business communities to continuously improve the system without interruption. The framework of Helios is designed to manage core business schema and functional changes which reflects unto the live processes and dashboards.

Automated Workflows

Get more done in less time

Helios uses Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) or Aras Innovator Workflows in letting you create a transparent workspace to manage your teams workflows, streamline communication and monitory tasks, control recurring processes, automate routine tasks, manage permissions and integrate with many other application flows in real-time.

  • Drag-N-Drop design of activities and workflow paths.

  • Work assignment and approvals.

  • Configurable task checklists, notifications, delegation and escalation.

Document Management – Powered by Aras Innovator and JQWidgets

Document Management

Document Management

Adhering to ISO 17025 standards for document management...

Files Management

Files Management

Add and manage any file type to the system...

Document Workflow Management

Document Workflow Management

Automated document review, notification, approval process...

Search and Browse

Search and Browse

Quick-browse search by author, department, or category or any other meta-data...

Document Management Security

Document Management Security

Securely vaulted and obfuscated URL parameters...

Multiple Language Support

Multiple Language Support

Unicode languages support.

Integration Ready Interface

Helios is integration ready. Create, Manage and expose secured APIs for external systems or processes to integrate the application built to seamlessly interoperate with your existing business/IT framework. The APIs upgrade with system changes to keep the integration link LIVE.

Integration Ready Interface
What is different about the engagements with Helios compared to traditional software development?
  • Every company is unique and so are their processes. The software products in the market are rigid and not customization friendly. Even if they allow tailoring, it involves expensive resources to commission a system. The baggage of non-standard customization shows up with every system / process upgrade. Complex programming would be needed and vendor dependency is high. With Helios, business consultants build most of their systems with a high degree of customization without compromising on their organization’s processes.
  • With Helios, you can easily configure a system the way your processes are, not the other way around. Moreover, this system is integration ready to connect to other systems in the enterprise. All this in a short time, less cost and high quality.
  • With our unique and rolling business plans, we felt that we have a lot of difference from boilerplate & rigid products in the market. HR, Quality, Sales and Marketing, Document and code Control, Administration, project management, analytics and all other internal ad-hoc processes for Crius run on our own Stratos platform.
What portions of Helios are Auto-generating?
  • As a first step, business users typically create a few entities with properties and related entities as part of their business definition. The entire UI structure comprising of the following are auto-built:
  • Complete Portal view for the entire data structure defined above.
  • The entire form with the defined properties and inset validations in different launch modes for all the entities.
  • A versatile grid with display, search, configurable columns, sorting and filters, Group-by Controls with virtualization for blazing performance of large datasets.
  • Relevant toolbars to conduct basic operations of Add, Modify, Delete, Version Control, History, Lifecycles and Workflows.
  • Advanced controls to launch Pivot Analyzer for self-analytics and visual tree for graphical navigation of structures.
  • Relationship channels (grids) with UI control for all typical data operations to manage and maintain connections.
  • Document management with file controls that allows check-in, check-out with viewer controls.
  • Main Menu structure at the global level for structure navigation.
  • Every single UI element created above – say a button, property field, column, toolbar are completely flexible and provides plug-in sections to apply your business controls over it.

Please refer to the Video section for details.

Can you describe on the claim that no testing needed for the auto generated portions?
  • The system auto-generated by Helios is robust and quality tested for correctness and performance. Since these auto-generated elements are products of a tested framework, they don’t have to be tested again for the designed behavior, thereby saving substantial time and cost. In fact, our clients build these modules on a live production instance.
Can the auto-generated UI be intercepted/extended with custom logic?
  • The possibilities are endless. The controls can be completely overridden to infuse custom logic at most areas which provides granular control to change the system to your needs. Please refer to the Dev section of the User Guide for more details on how to achieve this.
How does Helios projects claim such high success rates?
  • With Helios you don't wait several months to see the output. You build what you want and see the results right away. In fact, business consultants have preferred to build on the actual system than to prototype elsewhere and then proof-read.
How do I know my system implementations are in safe hands?
  • Helios is powered by technologies that millions of professionals use as described in Powered-By section. These products popular with our customers and secure without any restrictions for your needs.

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