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As a Cognitive Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company, we provide Industrial IoT and Artificial Intelligence based Automation. Our Solutions are designed to simplify the technology challenges in adopting the Industrial Revolution from Strategy through implementation and support.

Building Digital Solutions

Pragmatos Industrial IoT (IIoT) Platform

Provides everything you need to build your Industrial IoT infrastructure and Assets / Device Management. This Low-Code IoT Platform has a wide range of features from Device Agnostic, IoT Network ( WiFi, Cellular, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT and more ), On-Premise / Cloud Storage, Rules Engine, Alerts, OTA, Commands, Data Analytics, and Visualization.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking & Control

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Order Fulfilment

Order Fulfilment

Assets Remote Monitoring

Smart Metering

Smart Metering


Pragmatos - Our Industry 4.0 IoT Stack - With Visual Intelligence & X Reality

pragmatos industry 4.0 IOT solution

Assets Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Prevent issues or potential failures of your assets before they happen

predictive maintenance

  • 40% Reduced downtime

    Predictive maintenance with IOT can reduce asset downtime by 40%.

  • 30% Reduced operating Expenses

    Predictive maintenance can lower op-ex by up to 30%.

  • 35% Increased Utilization

    Boost Asset usage by about 35%.

  • 100% Visibility

    Monitor important assets 24/7.

Why Assets Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance?

With our Artificial Intelligence driven predictive maintenance solutions, you can monitor the condition of industrial equipment, forecast potential failures and schedule service maintenance. limits inefficiencies, improves safety, and saves you money. See the video for Smart Digital Factory in action -

Another Smart Factory

Real-time monitoring of assets & factory conditions.

Asset Tracking & Control

Monitor critical assets, locate toolkits & optimize performance

  • Capture Telemetry

    Capture Telemetry

    Capture telemetry with proximity, pressure, temperature, humidity and vibration sensor data.

  • Real-time asset tracking

    Real-time asset tracking

    Real-time asset tracking with in-factory assets / tools tracking or geolocation mapping services.

  • Remote control asset

    Remote control asset

    Remote control asset behaviors with advanced configuration from anywhere

  • Extend & upgrade assets

    Extend & upgrade assets

    Extend & upgrade assets with remote firmware

  • Historical performance tracking

    Historical performance tracking

    Historical performance tracking: Track asset performance history to extend optimal usage or increase accuracy of quality prediction.


Pragmatos Brochure:


Fleet Management

Track vehicles in real-time & control them remotely

Monitor your Fleet at scale in Real-Time:

Real-time Geo-location Tracking:

Real-time Geo-location Tracking with preferred accuracy

Historical location tracking:

Historical location tracking: Track Fleet history to suggest optimal routes or increase accuracy of information needed for business intelligence.

Capture telemetry:

Capture telemetry with pressure, temperature, humidity, fuel, mileage and vibration sensor data.

Visual Intelligence:

Visual Intelligence with fleet inners and surroundings, prevent misuse.

Control fleet-wide asset:

Control fleet-wide asset behaviors with advanced configuration.

Extend capabilities:

Extend capabilities with over-the-air firmware updates.

asset tracking fleet management

Fleet Management Benefits

Asset Tracking Fleet Management Benefits

↓ 17% Fuel consumption

Smart fleet solutions can reduce fuel consumption by 17%

↓ 25% Reduction in repair costs

Fleet management can help companies decrease repair costs by up to 25%.

↓ 10% Operational costs

Reduce administrative costs by 10%.

Order Fulfillment

Real-time monitoring and automated order

  • ↓15% Inventory costs

    IoT-driven order fulfillment can help better organize inventory and reduce costs by 15%

  • ↓20% Lost sales opportunities

    Real-Time order fulfillment can help reduce missed sales opportunities by 20%

  • ↑20% Customer satisfaction

    Orgs that use IoT-driven fulfillment see a 20% increase in customer satisfaction

  • Real-time monitoring

    Real-time monitoring of storage levels with notifications and alerts
    Replenish supplies with automatic order processing
    Integrate with ERP & Order Management solutions.

Order Fulfillment

Optimized Order Tracking

Real-time monitoring of Orders through the supply chain

  • Monitor the position and movement of materials and other shipments through the supply chain in real-time to plan effectively.

  • Monitor essential variables in transit – vibration, temperature, moisture and others to protect supplies quality.

Optimized Order Tracking
Smart Metering

Smart Metering

Real-time monitoring and measurement of water, power or natural gas

  • Reduce op-ex by managing manual operations remotely.
  • Improve predictive forecasting and streamline energy-consumption.
  • Reduce energy theft.
  • Simplify monitoring and track renewable power.

Control Your Remote Assets From Anywhere in the World

Gain the ability to remotely control your assets, fleet and/or devices

control your remote assets from anywhere in the world

  • With the IoT Device Management interface and Cloud APIs, you can send commands to control and push new software updates to your devices with the click of a button.

Fix product updates and issues remotely with over-the-air (ota) software updates

  • Send software updates, restart your device, resolve issues, or send new feature updates to your assets wirelessly. View and troubleshoot device issues in real-time.

Modbus Gateway

RS485 half/full duplex mode
Low power wireless (Sub 1 GHz) radio
128 simultaneous wireless nodes
Material: ABS, PLA
Dimensions: 103 mm x 116 mm x 33 mm.

Universal IoT Gateway

32 bit micro controller with firmware
3 Analog, 8 Digital & 3 Relays
GPRS, Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, LoRa & NB IoT
Supports MQTT, UDP, HTTP, CoAP, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, RS485 / MODBUS and RS232
IP 20 / 67 /68, Material - ABS.

LoRa Modbus/RTU Extension

Two Way communication
10~30V DC wide power range input
Radio Signal Coverage up to 6KM
Low Power Wireless Access
20 set constant register
-40 ~ 75°C / 90%H  Operating Temperature / Humidity.

Wireless Gateway

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Channel Frequency: 865-867 MHz
Tx Power: +13 dBm

Wireless Temperature Sensor

Sensor Range: -50 0C to +125 0C
Channel Frequency: 865-867 MHz
Tx Power: +13 dBm

Wireless Temperature & Humidity Tag

Sensor Range: -25 0C to +60 0C
0% RH to 100% RH
Channel Frequency: 865-867 MHz
Tx Power: +13 dBm
Battery: CR2032 x 2

  • Machines:

    Connect to CNC, PLC, Sensors and Other Machines.

  • Protocols:

    ModBus, ProfiBus, DNP3, RS232, Fanuc, Siemens and custom.

  • Interfaces

    OPC, CANBus, Analog/Digital inputs, BLE4.0, Wif-Fi, USB, Ethernet.

  • Options for Other Industry / Military Grade Hardware:

    Modberry M500 Advantech controllers Wireless or Connected Sensors.

iRAY - IoT Microcontroller
iray - product specification


Drop us your query! We are here to answer

Platform Features

Devices / assets, their data, protocols and rules managed in a simple way

Device Management

Hardware agnostic – Microcontroller Plug-N-Play – iRAY, Arduino, Intel Edison, Raspberry PI, Particle, arm MBED and more
Asset Management – Register, Manage, Control Devices remotely.

Telemetry Data

Collect Reliable device data that survives Network and Hardware failures

Protocol Support, Connectivity & Interfaces

MQTT, CoAP, HTTP ModBus, ProfiBus, DNP3, RS232, Fanuc, Siemens and other standard/custom protocols. Bluetooth (BLE4.0), WiFi, LoRaWAN, RFID, OPC, CANBus, Analog/Digital inputs, USB, Ethernet.

IoT Rule Engine

Control Incoming Device Data with custom Rules and complex application logic with a Drag-N-Drop UI Designer.

Real-time, Scalable, Eecure,
Fault-tolerant Extendable
and Integration-ready

Customization & Integration -
Extend, integrate and customize to your need.
Create, Manage, Raise, propagate alerts & Act on events.
Prevent theft and loss.
Automatic Node Failure detection, replace without downtime
Transport encryption, authentication and credentials management with linear capacity addition on devices and servers
Platform feature

Visualize, Analyze, Predict & ACT

  • Built-in customizable widgets for statistical analytics.
  • Find outliers and patterns faster.
  • Define KPI using calculated fields.
  • Artificial Intelligence suites for predictive, preventive and prescriptive algorithms based Deep/Machine Learning, Regression, ARIMA, Fourier Transformations and other ensemble (combination) or custom algorithms.
  • Measure OEE, metrics (SQDIC-P), Visualization and KPI Dashboards.

  • 1. ASSETS

    Real-Time Data Visualization.

  • 2. CUSTOM

    Drag-Drop, Plot & Aggregate


    Predict Failures & Forecast Utilization.

Machines Utilization

Machines Utilization

Monitor equipment utilization to assess the performance, productivity and time based trends of lower and higher usage.

Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Planning

Predict & Set the limit run time threshold as rules to trigger automated maintenance orders.

Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Explore the data generated by machinery to understand the high performance periods and predict failure.

Production Analysis

Production Analysis

Measure IoT Data to analyze the overall productivity across all assets to arrive Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

House not-in order yet or want to re-use existing investments?

Use the Stratos Digital Blocks to connect, modernize & migrate existing systems & data

Automate manual processes / modernize legacy apps

The Rapid Application Development (Low Code) Platform.

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Integrate existing systems

Authoring & Enterprise Systems User Experience Integrations.

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Migrate Systems/Data

Extract Transform and Load (ETL) based Data Migrator.

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The Contemporary Digital Transformation Suite

Crius - The Digital Transformation Company

How do we help you with your digitalization initiative

Solution implementation plan, methodology, plan & key phases

Consulting & Planning

Due-Diligence & IoT solution requirements plan

  • Address in-line with your unique business objectives
  • Identify specific challenges
  • Define functionalities and benefits
  • Source System data acquisition study

IoT solution requirements plan

  • Based on stakeholder's functional, legal, regulatory, environmental and other needs.

Choosing an optimal technology stack

  • Efficient and cost-effective based on reliable technology

Create an IoT solution roadmap

  • Define desired deliverables
  • Stage-wise structured visual representation of the planned steps
  • Study & incorporate existing systems, end-users
Design and Architecture

Defining an IoT architecture

  • Design a flexible and scalable IoT architecture based on your growth plans
  • Define compatibility & communication protocols
  • Define failure modes and disaster recovery

Formulate an IoT security strategy

  • Information security to prevent data misuse at all stages: device security, data security, operational technology security and others
  • Relevant standards and regulations (like ISA99/IEC 62443 in manufacturing, HIPAA in healthcare and others)

Implementing the Proof of Concept

  • Pre-rollout validation across the enterprise

Hardware Installations

  • Commissioning
  • Connect & Collect
  • End-To-End Connectivity tests
  • Outliers, Firmware Updates & tracker screens

System Build

  • Configuration mapping & system customization
  • Asset hierarchy, Alarms & Notification configurations
  • Dashboards, Analytics and Reports configuration and customization
  • Validation, load and reliability tests
  • Issues/ additional custom rules validation
System Live and Support

Systems Live & Support

  • Review & Finalize Production readiness
  • Configure system, data & tools
  • Migrate to production instance
  • Data Validation & Acceptance
  • Continuous monitoring & improvement
  • Refine configuration & additional Customization
  • Updated Analytics – Dynamic & Static

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