• Stratos - The Premier And Free Digital Transformation Suite

    Stratos - The Premium Free Digital Transformation Suite

    Comprises of all the Digital Basic suites:

    Integration Platform, Rapid App Builder, ETL Migrator, Analytics Suite & a Compliance Engine

  • Falcon - Data Analytics, Visualization & Deep Learning Modules

    Real-Time Dynamic Self Analytics

    Analyze anywhere and get instant business insights

  • Helios - A Free Rapid Application Development Suite

    Auto-generating fast-lane applications with Helios

    Model, Execute and Ready-To-Go

  • Mateos - A Free Systems Integration Platform

    User Experience Integration Suite

    The Digital Design Thread & the Extended Organization in-sync

  • Falcon - Free Data Analytics, Deep Learning & Visualization Modules


    Discover insights in your unstructured business data

  • Albatross - A Free ETL Data Migration Platform


    Albatross Data Transformer can help ease it

Stratos - The Premier Free Digital Transformation Suite

The Premier Free Digital Transformation Suite

Crius - The Digital Transformation Company

The technology revolution to change customer relationships and markets has never been more intense. Digital Transformation is all about empowering Customer Experience, Innovation & Efficiency powered by disruptive technologies, business insights & processes. Stratos is the technology platform to realize your enterprise-wide digital transformation initiative that connects all the assets of your organization – Systems, Things and People for realizing a Connected Enterprise and beyond. It provides deeper business insights and intelligence on your connected datasets. It helps you re-platform and modernize your legacy applications and processes. Stratos is powered by Crius’s contemporary and free digital software engines:

  • Mateos® User Experience Integrators for Authoring and Enterprise Systems
  • Helios Light-Weight, Rapid Natural Application Development Platform
  • Albatross Data Migration Platform based on ETL
  • Falcon Data analytics, Visualization & deep learning modules
  • Ozone Product Compliance Engine

Our Stack



The Digital Transformation Platform




Comprehensive Analytics and Visualization Platform




Authoring & Enterprise Systems User Experience Integrations




Compliance Engine for Product Eco-Design adhering to Global Regulations




The Rapid Natural Application Development Platform




Extract Transform and Load (ETL) based Data Migrator


Stratos – An incubation platform for your digital programs & strategy

With Stratos, modernize, integrate, analyze, comply and hence digitize your enterprise. Provide solid stimulus to your digital programs - individual or enterprise-wide. Innovate and create a truly unique customer experience with efficiency through these digital initiatives

  • IoT

    Connecting your devices with the Falcon Event Processor ...

  • Mobility

    Responsive design and omni-channel visualization through Falcon ...

  • Cloud

    Mateos® API Zen module provides a secure and scalable business ...

  • Big Data

    Target customer centric outcomes ...

  • Social

    With Social connectors on the Mateos® platform ...

  • Migrate

    With Albatross ETL engine, Get your migrations on time & right...

Why do you need to transform?
  • Organizations are at a critical turn in adopting technology to meet the 24x7 - anywhere demands of customers, employees, and partners else risk becoming obsolete. One of the primary shifts in responding to such requests is the creation, delivery and control of digital elements: mobile-first apps that are intuitive and smart presenting contextual information to people for self-service and continuous refinement at high speeds.

  • With new demands on business, increasing complexity of products, the need for timely delivery without compromising quality and security, the old ways of managing technology only get you so far. A new approach that is real-time, intelligent and secure is the need of the hour.

  • To surge ahead or even remain competitive, traditional enterprises must transform into digital hubs to meet the exploding business needs.  A digital enterprise is an organization that has a digital-first DNA for its products and services and is actively converting and automating internal and customer experiences.
What are the products/platforms being offered under the Stratos umbrella?
The following products are currently being offered for free:
  • Mateos® - User Experience Integrators for Authoring and Enterprise Systems.
  • Helios - Light-Weight, Rapid Natural Application Development Platform.
  • Albatross - Data Migration Platform based on ETL.
  • Falcon –  Data analytics, Visualization & deep learning modules.
  • Ozone - Product Compliance Engine.
Why is Stratos free, where is the catch?
  • Stratos platform and its modules are being promoted and totally free until 2020 and there are no riders. It is neither a trial version nor contains any relevant feature restrictions in usage. Crius, if engaged, charges only the implementation services (installation, commissioning, training, support, consulting, extension and custom development).
How is Crius able to manage the financials?
  • We are able to maintain the platform and its development by only charging services for consultation, implementation, support and other related services. By reducing marketing and sales costs, we are able to offer the platform for free.
Does Crius provide consulting on requirements analysis, design and development?
  • Yes, that’s a part of our portfolio. We consult, train, install and commission, customize, extend and support the systems. Please contact Crius support for details.

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