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Our Test Automation Stack

With software systems extended to connect and collaborate with multiple Systems, Things and People and intense focus on Customer Experience, software systems are being developed to quickly adapt to changes. Without an effective testing strategy, it is challenging for organizations to deliver quality software systems with shorter lifecycles. Some of the key drivers for organizations to move towards test automation are:

  • Complexity due to increased functional scope across systems and processes.

  • Rapid development due to frequent changes.

  • Requirements for greater accuracy with dynamic and real-time data for risk assessment and metrics on test results.

Crius specializes in formulating testing strategy for complete end-to-end test automation to sustain rapid development of software systems, Crius enables you to:

  • Strategize your test automation for dynamic software systems development with a long maintenance lifecycle.

  • Strong expertise in Microsoft, Selenium, QTP, RANorex, JUnit, Mockito, SoapUI, LoadUI and other open source testing toolsets.

  • Improve your testing efficiency by increasing the coverage and accuracy of the software systems through our enablers and automated scripts.

  • Identify and assess potential risk elements in your software systems through our test metrics dashboard.

Key derivatives from our offerings:

  • Automated testing of complex systems and processes.

  • Complete functional coverage and increased accuracy of test results.

  • Dashboard with metrics on testing with real-time data.

Why Crius for Test Automation?

  • All of our core solutions are developed and maintained with 90% test automation, rest 10% with programming :-)

  • Test automation for varied systems on different technologies and platforms - desktop applications with/ without GUI, web applications, mobile applications, system adapters/ services.

  • Complete coverage.

    • Functional, Unit, Integration, Integrated, System, Regression Testing.

    • User Experience Testing.

    • Database Testing.

    • Performance, Stress and Load Testing.

    • Compatibility Testing.

    • Security Testing.

    • Migration Testing.

    • Test Management.

  • The Last mile rapid programming to raise automation levels to 100%.

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